How it works - A structured approach to better profitability

Our number one goal with TradeBench is to make every trader using our system a more profitable trader. The goal is not achieved through some black box ”proprietary” system as often seen in the trading industry. Instead, it is achieved by offering you a structured approach to your trade planning, position sizing, risk and money management - all with customizable parameters set by yourself. It is also an easy-to-use way of journaling your trades making reviewing and learning from previous trades a part of your trading routine.

A simplified overview of our approach and the inherited workflow
Plan Trade
Position sizing, compare trades, risk and money management *
Enter Trade
Multiple entries supported, i.e. scaling in to trades.
Manage Trade
See realized and unrealized performance, what-if calculations, etc.
Exit Trade
Multiple exits supported, i.e. scaling out of trades.
Review & Improve
What was done right and what could be improved on.

* Although we encourage making a trade plan before entering a trade, it is possible to enter trades without using the trade plan and risk management functionality.

Here's a collection of famous trading quotes that support our view on trading and thus the functionality of TradeBench.

Features & Benefits
If you want to learn more about our approach and tools before signing up, you can find more information on the Features page.

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